Oberdorfer Gear Pumps

Gear Pumps

Oberdorfer Pumps, Oberdorfer Pump Canada, N992 canada

Oberdorfer Pumps > Oberdorfer Gear Pumps > Pedestal Mount > Close Coupled > Carbonator Mount Pumps > Ductile Iron Pumps
Oberdorfer Gear Pumps Features: Bronze Corrosion Resistant Castings • Special Cast Bronze Gears • Stainless Steel Shafts & Fasteners • Heavy Duty Carbon Bearings (Self Lubricating) • Positive Displacement Flow More...

Oberdorfer Pump - Oberdorfer Pump Canada Oberdorfer Close Coupled Gear Pumps Oberdorfer Carbonator Mount Pumps Gear Pumps Oberdorfer Ductile Iron Pumps Gear Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps

Oberdorfer Centrifugal Pumps

Oberdorfer Centrifugal Pumps > Bronze Pedestal Pumps > Self-Priming Pumps Plastic Pumps > Close Coupled Pumps
Oberdorfer Centrifugal Pumps Features: Self-Priming to 20 Feet Suction Lift • Available All Bronze or Corrosion Resistant Aluminum • Bronze Models with Monel Shaft (30PB-1) Ideal for Marine Service. (Air Conditioning, Bilge, and Sea Water Recirculating) • Can Handle Most Difficult Solvents with Proper Seal Arrangement, Viton(R)* (S10) or Teflon(R)* (S11) avalable. More...

Centrifugal Bronze Pedestal Pumps  Self Priming Pumps Plastic Pumps Close Coupled Pumps

Chemsteel Pumps

Oberdorfer Chemsteel Pumps

Oberdorfer Chemsteel Pumps > Chemsteel Metallic Series > Chemsteel Non- Metallic Series > Chemsteel Mag-Drive Series.
Oberdorfer Chemsteel Pumps Features:
• Flows from 0.5 to 30 GPM at 1750 RPM • Pressure from 0 to 150 PSI • Gear & bearing combinations of metallic and nonmetallic wear surfaces • Slotted bearings to lubricate shaft and gear surfaces • Hydraulic porting to balance axial thrust and to reduce wear • Ample port sizing to reduce the likelihood of cavitation when inlet pressure is marginal • Effective housing seals with elastic memory prevent leakage of corrosives • Recirculation heat port versatility • Containment can flush and drain connections • 316 Stainless Steel • Alloy C • Non-Metallic - Ryton • Packing - Lip - Mechanical - Seal-less • NEMA Close Coupled Adapters • Accessories More...

Chemsteel Metallic Series Spec Sheets Chemsteel Non Metallic Series Spec Sheets Chemsteel Mag Driveseries Spec Sheets

Rubber Impeller

Oberdorfer Rubber Impeller

Oberdorfer Chemsteel Pumps > Pedestal Mount > Close Coupled > Macerator Pump > Engine Mount Pumps
Rubber Impeller Pumps Features:
Bronze Construction - Corrosion Resistance • Large Suction and Discharge Ports • Neoprene Impeller Standard, Buna N Impeller Optional • High Chrome Nickel Stainless Steel Shaft. More...

Pedestal Mount Close Coupled Macerator Pumpss 403M Engine Mount Pumps

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News & Tips

Centrifugal Bronze Pedestal MODEL 30PB Pumps

Centrifugal Bronze Pedestal MODEL 30PB Pumps. Features : Self-Priming to 20 Feet Suction Lift, Rugged Bronze Construction, Heavy Duty Ball Bearings Suitable for Pulley Drive Applications, Body O-ring eliminates gasket problems. ..Details


Testimonials for Burt Process

For over 20 years I have been retrofitting new controllers to water softeners that the old Bruner Corporation sold, equipped with Signet sensors, the last being 2536s. Over the years while on jobs I need to check K-factors that have been set incorrectly.

I am writing to let you know that over the years I have found it quite easy to navigate the Signet section of your website making research on Signet a pleasure rather than a frustrating experience.

In my mind Burt & Signet have become synonymous. Burt-Signet; Signet-Burt! Thank you for the good job you did setting up your website and making it easy for us not-too-computer-savvy guys to navigate.

I send many customers to you when they are looking for the best price rather than buying them and trying to resell them myself. You did a good job and I appreciate it.


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Burt Process Equipment was founded in 1970 and has been a growing industrial distributor and manufacturer ever since. We are a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of thermoplastic high purity and corrosion resistant equipment, systems and services.

Currently, our engineered systems provide proven solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, institutional, and chemical processing markets. We are continually looking for new associates who bring a high level of enthusiasm and commitment to our organization. If you think you would like to join our progressive organization, please let us know which of the following positions would suit your qualifications and send us your resume at BPEcareer@burtprocess.com .

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